Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

The Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1994, with the purpose of the use of modern molecular and cell biology knowledge and technology to in-depth discussion the mechanism of cancers, vascular diseases, immune disorders and aging-related diseases; and to find out the appropriate targets for expand researches and development of new drugs and health foods.
Through the “long teaching and research phase” approach to guide students engaged in “highly translation potential” basic researches. In addition, in 2001 we was in collaboration with the NCCU Graduate institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management, offering the Biotechnology Management Program to provide students with the opportunity to become expert both in modern biomedical science as well as in intellectual property management.

Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment

Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment established in 2017. Based on NYMU’s strong background of medical science, lessons includes food and health risk assessment, food analysis, and food regulations. Students are welcomed to take lessons depending on their interests and needs. In addition, we cooperate with industries and government departments to address needs of food safety expertise in various fields.

Faculty of Pharmacy

NYMU School of Pharmacy was approved by Ministry of Education in 2015, and established in 2016. NYMUSP offers instruction in pharmacy through the 6-year program,preparing pharmacists to lead and thrive in pharmacy practice,research,and policy.We coordinated a complete and comprehensive curriculum program comprising the foundations of pharmaceutical sciences, clinical expertise, pharmacy administration and pharmacy law.
In addition, this curriculum implemented versatile training programs to foster inter-communication among production/government/research/clinical pharmacy, in order to bridge the gap between students’ knowledge and the required real-life skills, as well as to foster the students’ lifelong self-learning ability to enhance their competitive advantage as international pharmaceutical professionals.